An act of rebelion against fast fashion

We start Small

We weigh our decisions based on care and resources. We pledge to a keep our concept mindful and holistic.

Our Materials

At NORDKONCEPT we are currently producing our small first collection with available stock fabric that was bought locally in Denmark. Currently our locally bought fabrics hold the Oeko-tex standard 100. The fabrics were handpicked in Herning Denmark at VSE textile.  The company since then has closed and sold their business.

We are continuously researching sources of quality fibers, threading and dying processes that are both long lasting and kind to our planet. It is a challenge we spend a significant amount of time on. Therefore, our next collection will be made from GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton sourced from Turkey.

The GOTS certificate also takes in consideration the wellbeing of workers involved in the production of cotton, which is one of our main battles we fight in the fashion industry

Our zippers are provided by YKK. They have developed the NATULON® zippers – a resource-conserving and recycling-oriented product made from PET bottles, old fiber and other polyester remnants. NATULON® zippers are produced either by chemical recycling or material recycling.

Through our design process we are constantly developing our technology to be able to give you functionality, comfort and durability in styles you will love for a long time, possibly available even for generations ahead.

Our PRoduction

We only work with companies that live up to our ethical standards for working conditions and sourcing. The zip-on jumpsuit first collection is made in Romania, Cluj County by a local atelier. This workshop is focused producing garments made from natural fibers. They deliver small quantities where the process can be well monitored. We value good ethics in our partners and we will continue to do so more and more as we grow. Our partners in Romania showed us great business ethics.

Our Ethics

At NORDKONCEPT we pledge to develope a fair culture across all types of customers regardless of age, race, culture, or sexual orientation. 

In our teams, we adopt a giving culture, we do not accept greed. We reward skills and good work ethics, how you look, where you’re from, your gender or social status are not factors we consider.

Transparency and honesty is how we run our business.