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Our Ethics

We carefully weigh who we trade with. Our main supplier is a factory based in Mumbai, India. Our Sourcing consultants from Copenhagen have a relationship for over 10 years with their Quality Check agent in Mumbai. He has worked as a quality and work environmental control agent for decades before becoming a sourcing agent. Throughout his years in that role, he selected only the best factories that meet the quality standards clients like us ask for. We are still in the beginning of our journey; we haven't had the means to visit the factory ourselves. However, we trust that our agent who has the highest recommendations as together with the certifications they provide, we are in close dialog with the factory, and based on communication and delivery standards they have not raised any red flags.

We put people first, profits after. As it grows, our company is dedicated to distributing its wealth towards the hands of people who make this concept real. All our workers, internal or external, deserve to feel the growth of NORDKONCEPT through well-deserved wages and benefits.

Profits will strategically be reinvested in innovative projects that benefit the world's needs. Creating more equality of opportunities is a priority that depends on our success.

We are small, so in order to give to the world we must grow ourselves. For this to happen we need your support and your trust. We can only promise our support will go towards projects that matter.

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