Our ethics

We carefully weigh who we trade with. We are still revising the factories we want to go forward with. We are still in the beginning of our journey; we haven’t had the means to visit many factories ourselves.

At the moment, we are receiving support from Erhervshus Midtjylland. They are helping us find the right supplier through Enterprise Europe Network. Before the start of this process, we tried to collaborate with one atelier in Romania, one factory in Mumbai and afterwards, one atelier in Denmark. Unfortunately, due to either quality delivery and/or minimum quantity orders, none of them were a fit. The search continues. We do not want to compromise on quality, style or work environment. We are dedicated to find a company that can deliver quality of product and work environment.

General rule:
We put people first, profits after. When we will grow, our company will be dedicated to distributing its wealth towards the hands of people who make this concept real. All our workers, internal or external, deserve to feel the growth of NORDKONCEPT through well-deserved wages and benefits.

Profits will strategically be reinvested in innovative projects that benefit the world’s needs. Creating more equality of opportunities is a priority that depends on our success.

We are small, so in order to give to the world we must grow ourselves. For this to happen we need your support and your trust. We can only promise our support will go towards change that matters.