Bæredygtig Dansk Design

The zip-on jumpsuit

How does it work?

Do you want to see our first official collection?


The top and the bottoms are attached at the waist through a custom zipper

The zipper is covered with a sewed-in waistband

The zipper is not visible at at all around the waist

You can remove the bottom part without having to remove the top, or viceversa

The zippers are interchangable so you can combine colours and styles

You can wear the top by itself as a shirt or a light jacket

Or choose a classic style
in one colour​

Play around with styles

Your possibilities will be endles

You will be able try many different combinations.

Keep an eye open for when we launch new modules

All these pieces are made with care and lots of detail oriented thinking. We worked on them for more than 2 years. Our 2023 collection is now ready for you. It is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Romania. Production is not easy, and because it is important to us that our pieces are qualitative, our processes take longer. Because of this, you can expect good quality. THIS IS NOT FAST FASHION!
This is well made fashion.

We hope you will join us in this journey of innovation and care for the world. We think it’s worth it!

Want one?

designed in Denmark

Made in Romania

Made to last

Comfort, Functionality & Style

Fashion has been uncomfortable for too long. We design our jumpsuits with functionality in mind and without compromising on style.

We put zippers and pockets on well sewn garments, that you will love for many years.

YES you can fit your phone in these pockets!

Our zippers are interchangeable. You can change between colours and styles to fit your mood!

We want you to be able to express yourself and feel comfortable in your clothes.

This is our first collection. Be the first to wear one.
Be a frontrunner! Be a leader of change!

Together we will change the way we look at fashion and the way we live our lives. 

Custom Zip-on function

100% OEko-Tex cotton

recycled zippers

Waist allowance

Recyclable metal buttons

Break the bad habits

My mom worked in a sewing factory for over 35 years. She worked long hours, day and night, was poorly paid and that affected her health and wellbeing. I want to change the way industry workers are treated. By supporting NORDKONCEPT you enable me to do that! 
Happy workers leads to great quality results and a better life for everyone involved.

If you are convinced, go ahead and sign yourself up for our newsletter where we will let you know about how we work, what we intend and our success in changing this corrupted industry. You will be able to read more about my motivation, my journey and why I think we need this. I am trying to be as transparent as possible. I really am!

Ioana, Founder