Zip-on Jumpsuit
One Piece, but two

How it works

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The zip-on jumpsuit

Our modular zip-on jumpsuit can be detached in 2 pieces at the waist. You can wear it as a jumpsuit, or the top and bottoms as individual pieces. The top and bottoms can be replaced with other styles so you can endlesly transform your outfit. We are designing new styles for both the tops and bottoms so you can upgrade your outfit. This is a pre-order. Production will start 1st of December. Your order will be shipped no later than 1st of March.

the fix we need Is in the details

We think you should be able to move freely in your clothes while being able to express yourself.

Endless combinations

Zip-on function

100% organic cotton

YKK recycled zippers

3cm fit allowance at waist

High quality sewing

Style without compromise

Clothes have been unpractical for too long. We design functionality without compromising your style. We put zippers and pockets on well sewn long lasting garments, that you will love for many years.

'I still wear clothes that have been in my family since the 70' and 80'. I strive to design clothes with an alike life ahead' says Ioana the founder of NORDKONCEPT.

I want to break the cycle
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My mom worked in a sewing faktory for over 35 years. She worked long hours, day and night, was poorly paid and that affected her health and wellbeing. I want to change the way industry workers are treated. By supporting NORDKONCEPT you enable me to do that!

If you are convinced, go ahead and pre-order your piece, or read more about my motives, my journey and why I think we need this. I am trying to be as transparent as possible.

Ioana, Founder