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Our Production

Our garments are produced in small amounts in order to not exploit our natural resources. We work with on stock organic cotton fabrics, which means no new fabrics are required to be made for our jumpsuits.

As a small company, our resources are still limited, we use what is already produced while constantly researching the best sourcing. We started a collaboration with an Indian cotton producer and are in dialog with an Egyptian company that only sells pure locally sourced cotton.

In our first zip-on jumpsuit is made from 100% organic cotton twill. Twill is an ancient weave pattern that’s characterized by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. This type of weaving results in a long-lasting fabric. Twill is known for being durable and easy to maintain, it can be spot cleaned as well as machine-washed. It does not stain or wrinkle easily. A quick steam or a low tumble dry is enough to smooth any wrinkles on your zip-on jumpsuit. The twill we use has a medium - lightweight which makes it perfect to wear all year round.

Our zippers are supplied by YKK. They are known to produce the most durable zippers on the market. YKK has continuously set industry standards for quality, innovation, and sustainability in the production of zippers. The Natulon YKK zipper is a nylon zipper made from recycled materials, and that's our go to. YKK informed us that all their zippers started to be produced out of recycled materials. In total our garments are made of over 90% organic fibers. The rest over under 10% are the zippers and spring snaps which are made of recycled plastic and metal.

We create long lasting, quality garments that are functional and give you endless possibilities to style them. When you are done wearing our designs, they return to us and we recycle them, either as a pre-loved or upcycled item.

When the time comes, and our clothes original use ends, we will be ready with a process where our garments will go to a sorting center. There the accessories will be removed, and the organic fiber returned to mother earth, but that is far ahead, since our clothes will have to last for a long time. For now, we recirculate our garments ourselves while we have a Swedish sorting center in mind.

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